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NMDOT Park and Ride Monthly Passes
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What time period are monthly passes valid?
    Monthly Passes are good for each calendar month.

  2. When are Monthly Passes available for purchase online?
    Monthly Passes are sold from the 5th of the previous month until the 4th of the current month for the current month usage (ie March passes are available for purchase online from Feb 5th through March 4th).

  3. Will the NMDOT Park and Ride pass work on the NM Rail Runner Express?
    If you purchase the Systemwide Monthly Pass, you can also ride the NM Rail Runner Express.

  4. Will my pass work on the Santa Fe South Capitol Station Shuttle and/or Santa Fe Trails?
    Yes, NMDOT Park and Ride passes will work on the Santa Fe South Capitol Station Shuttle. Santa Fe Trails will honor all NMDOT Park and Ride monthly passes Monday thru Friday during all normal hours of NMDOT Park and Ride service.

  5. How is my monthly pass going to be sent to me?
    Your monthly pass will be forwarded via United States Postal Service with confirmed receipt (no signature required).

  6. Can I have my monthly pass refunded if I decide mid month I do not want to use it?
    Monthly passes are non refundable.

  7. What happens if I lose my monthly pass?
    Since the monthly passes are not assigned to a specific person, should you lose it, you will not be able to replace it without purchasing a new one.

  8. How quick will I receive my monthly pass after the online purchase?
    Confirmed online passes will be sent within 24 hours of order placement, Monday thru Friday. Please allow up to a maximum of 5 days from order date to receiving your pass.

  9. Am I guaranteed a seat when I purchase a monthly pass? Can I make a reservation with a monthly pass?
    No, seats are available on a first come first serve basis. Possession of a monthly pass does not guarantee that a seat will be available.

  10. Can I still purchase my pass at retail locations?
    Yes, several outlets are available to purchase your pass. Please contact our office at (505) 424-1110 or go to the NMDOT Park and Ride website for locations.

  11. Can I ride the bus without showing/having my monthly pass?
    In order to board the bus all passengers present a physical All Aboard America!/NM Park and Ride pass. Receipts either printed or shown on a smart phone are not to be accepted.

  12. Other questions?
    Please feel free to contact our office between 7AM and 7PM Monday thru Friday for additional assistance. (505) 424-1110.